The Emerald Dragon by Solitaire Parke


I’m the last person on this planet that should have been called by a dragon. Ever wondered why a dragon would call anyone? Yeah, me too.

Dragons have communal minds and as a result there are no secrets among them. Having said that, there are also no permanent bonds between them because everything is already known. Hence, no growth, so what the dragons crave is a non-communal mind and a partner that will give them surprises and act unpredictably. They need it, but moreover, they thrive on it.

I’m a man with a very checkered past and for once was experiencing a fairly quiet day, when I heard the sound of a child, whose voice made me think preteen. I clearly heard it in my mind. Not normal, I mean even for me. It was the voice of a female child, but also that of a very young dragon and she was insistent that I come to her immediately. After very careful consideration and about twenty minutes of vacillation, I talked with the Queen of the Dragons. Everyone calls her either Queen Mother, or The Ariella, which means Queen of the Dragons. I have known her for about two decades. At first glance you would never know that she commands an army, or leads people who fly dragons, but at closer scrutiny, she has an air about her that is undeniable. Queen Mother only stands five feet five, but carries herself like a six footer. Dark brown hair at times covers her green eyes that are always looking deeper than they should, and yes I know this from personal experience. She weighs in at less than one hundred and ten pounds, but once again throws that weight around like it was ten times the amount. She is strict, but understanding, hard core when it’s time to fight, but will stop to pet a puppy. I’m not sure what I’d do without her. I consider her to be my significant other and we live together just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

My name is Tanis Nickolai Theatra. I am a Fallen, and sentenced to walk the Earth until the Apocalypse. I haven’t always played for the right team, so to speak, but I am paying for previous crimes and have worn the white hat for a very long time. I look fairly normal, long brown hair, five feet eight, with brown eyes and can blend in with the average populace. Well, most of the time. There is that age thing. I can still pass for less than middle age, but beyond that I ain’t tellin. Being called by a dragon not only constitutes a life changing event, but it signifies that I might actually be getting somewhere in the whole forgiveness thing.

Mt. Drago is out in the middle of nowhere, a nowhere we call the Mojave Desert. You can see nothing but beautiful countryside in every direction for hundreds of miles. I’m sure there’s a whole list of reasons for this, but at that moment, the distance went to the top of my list of inconveniences. Oh, I know what you’re thinking…Jeez, Tanis; you just got called by a dragon to become a lifelong partner. How bad could the distance be to a guy like you? Hey, you try paying penance and commuting to the middle of nowhere. Of course, it’s worth it…not many get picked, right? But there’s that fight your way to a successful impression thing. I didn’t want to get killed by the very creature I was trying to bond with.   The Queen said I should go and give it a shot.

Travelers, like me and normal folk all around the world, live with these concepts every day, just niggling at the back of their brains. There’s a chance of being called at any time. Once you leave this plane of existence, so many things become possible that before were just chunks of fantasy. What’s one more? I stepped out onto the patio at the back of our home, lit a cigarette and contemplated the long and somewhat less than illustrious life that had led me up to here. In a couple of hours I would either be a dragon rider stationed out of Mt. Drago or I would be a warrior post toasty!

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