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What Defines Our Daily Lives?

Today is Friday.  I was sitting here thinking about what needed to be done and what I had accomplished this week.  At the same time, I was checking my emails, and came across some information I found to be of value so I’m passing it on to anyone who might be interested.

It’s amazing how fast time flies – 2023 – here already! So how can this year be different or better than the last one?  We may begin the year with such good intentions or resolutions, but somehow life seems to get in the way and they never come to fruition. So maybe we just need to rethink how we traverse our daily lives and determine what is the main malfunction and correct the problem.

So here are some ideas to get on the right track:

First, we need to develop self-discipline. For some of us, that is easier said than done, but never impossible. I am a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to do.  If there is something important you want to accomplish, then find a way and don’t let anyone tell you, no.  How important is reaching your goal? Focus on getting things done one step at a time – sometimes that means you have to slow down or make a list.  Concentrate your efforts so your energy is better spent.  Attempting to do everything at once often leads to lack of motivation and spinning in a circle, never getting anything done.

Once you get in that “sit and spin” mode, it’s very easy to become overly critical of yourself. We live in a society that is all about “hustle” which doesn’t help at all.  There is a great deal of wisdom in slowing down.  To succeed in anything, we need to develop healthy self-confidence, not negativity. Being negative is counterproductive.  Concentrate on what you are doing now, not the results.  You can’t control what happens in the future, but you can control the quality of what you do right now. No one ever succeeded by not doing anything. Criticizing yourself is a waste of time.  Instead, focus on reaching your goals.

Look out for the “distractions” in your life.  You can’t remove them by focusing harder or getting more determination. Never try to cope with a distraction that you can eliminate. A good example of this is the clutter around you.  If you are trying to write, for instance, and all you can see is a desk full of stacks of paper, empty snack bowls, water bottles and coffee cups,  pens and pencils scattered everywhere – you get the picture, your mind is so distracted with all the “stuff” that you can’t concentrate.  So, remove the distractions! Don’t let anything tempt you to lose the focus you need.  This holds true in any situation.  If your surroundings are a cluttered mess, your mind will be too.  Make it easier for yourself to succeed by removing the distractions. (Which, by the way, requires self-discipline.) Do this on a day-to-day basis and it will become a new habit – a good, healthy one. It frees your mind to think clearly.

Give yourself the right reasons.  You might attempt to do something because of someone else’s opinion of you.  That usually won’t last because you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Be motivated by something that is personal to you – something much deeper and more important.  Get to know your strengths and interests so you can concentrate on what you really love. You can’t control what anyone else thinks about you, nor should you even try.  What is important for you is to take ACTION and your life will improve and succeed. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of procrastination – it’s a dead end.  The only failure is doing nothing.  So, don’t allow that to happen.  If you fall, get right back up and keep going! Never give up!




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