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Have a wonderful Holiday – Merry Christmas to everyone!


Where Do Writers Write?


I came across a very interesting site, The Next Best Book Blog, that not only gives you an idea of where writers come up with their creations, but shows pictures of these locations. (If you’re like me, you will love being able to visualize where the creativity originates.) It is a weekly series that features a different author every week. I have always loved books, and as an author I find it interesting to see where other writers are generating their masterpieces. So here’s the link – Enjoy!


P.S. Where do you write?  I’d love to hear from you!

Who is Warren Murphy?


Warren Murphy has written movies and books with sales of 50 million copies. He has won a dozen national awards including two Edgars from the Mystery Writers of America.

“He has served as a mentor and teacher to a whole generation of crime and thriller writers.”

For all you mystery writers out there, check out his Online Writing Class where you can learn how to go about writing a mystery novel. He shares his expertise in a series of lessons. Here’s the link –

Author Spotlight – Kay Glass

Paranormal Romance Author - Kay Glass

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s visitor is one of my very good friends and I am extremely honored to have her here for Friday’s Author Spotlight! She is an incredibly genuine and supportive person that I am always pleased to work with.  Kay is a very talented writer with an engaging and emotionally intense vampire series – the “Just One Bite” Series! She just recently released the third installment, “Taste Of Grief”! I highly recommend adding Kay’s series to your TBR list!

So, without further ado, here is the interview with Kay!

Name three interesting facts about yourself.

1- I often have at least 3 books that I’m reading at one time. One for the bedroom, one for the living room, and at least one on my Kindle!

2- I’m married to my high school sweetheart- we’re approaching 6 years of marriage in November. We couldn’t wait to get married, so we actually got married at the courthouse on Black Friday!

3- I’m only 5’2″, so I have to sit on cushions piled on the chair to reach my desk to type!

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

Definitely! Spending time with my family is top priority. We like to take the kids swimming, to the playground, on family bike rides, or just sit around and play dice games! When the kids go to sleep, my hubby and I either watch TV or play Xbox.

Favorite movie(s)?

Oh so many, especially in the horror genre, but my favorite of all times is What Dreams May Come! I also love 80’s movies- The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire… the list goes on!

Favorite music?

Almost anything! I write to music, so what I listen to depends on my mood that day. Usually a whole bunch of Evanescence, Godsmack, and especially Rattlesnake Charivari, an indie band I’m addicted to!

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

My friends were a huge support, and when I told my mom I was writing a book, she was very supportive, since writing was always a huge part of my life. And I probably would have given up before finishing Love Bite, my first, if not for fellow indie author, Aiden James. He believed I was a writer before I was willing to consider myself one, and answered every question, no matter how strange!

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

That’s almost like asking me to pick a favorite child! I simply can’t do it. I read nearly everything, from zombie stories to horror to romance to erotica. I read everything I can that my indie friends publish, but I also look forward to certain series, like the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece of fiction?

With Love Bite, I started writing it long-hand. When I finally had a working laptop, it took me nearly a month to copy and edit what I’d already written so I could finish the story. I had over 70 pages written long-hand and it was a disaster! When I finally looked into publication, Aiden mentioned self-publishing, and I never looked back. I never even bothered submitting to agencies or publishing companies.

Did you listen to any particular music for inspiration while writing the “Just One Bite Series”?

Not so much for inspiration, but I do have a set playlist of songs I keep on shuffle while I write. Again, mainly Rattlesnake Charivari and Evanescence, but there’s also some country, some oldies, and even a few instrumentals.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I just write! Even in school, I’d write my paper first, then I’d go back and do my outline and brainstorming. I just can’t write an outline.

What inspired you to write a vampire series?

Paranormal stories were hugely popular, and I was reading a lot of the House of Night series, all of the Twilight Saga, and even rereading ‘Salem’s Lot. I don’t even remember what made me decide on the storyline, but it just came to me, and I sat down and started writing.

In your personal opinion, why do you think people are so fascinated with vampires?

There’s something so dark and fascinating about being immortal. And vampires are now being portrayed as young and sexy, so that heightens the appeal even more. “Wow, he’s gorgeous, and he’ll always look that good!”

Have you ever considered writing a book in first person with a male lead character?

Awesome question, as I haven’t even announced my intention to do so yet, but yes, I’m getting ready to. One of my characters from the Just One Bite series is getting his own background tale. So many people ask me about Eamon, so I decided to write his life story. The prologue is in third person, but the first chapter will pick up back in the 1700’s in Ireland when he was still human, and it’ll be written in first person.

Tell us a little about the third book in the Just One Bite Series, “Taste Of Grief”.

Taste of Grief picks up after a life-changing event that ended Bitten By Regret. Diandra and Lizbeth aren’t speaking, and the women need to do some serious talking to rebuild their damaged relationship. Adrian steps onto the scene as well as their new live-in housekeeper, and he’s also a Wiccan, which is disturbing to Diandra as she doesn’t understand the difference between black magic and white. Also, bodies are turning up all over Bethany Beach as Lizbeth and her boss, Alexar, race to stop the madman injecting his victims with a heart-stopping dose of cocaine. They’ll be bodies, blood, romance, adult content, and some character changes that’ll surprise those who enjoy the series!

If your series were to be made into a movie, who would play the lead roles?

Oh boy, that’s a tough one! Maybe Evan Rachel Wood for Diandra, Dakota Fanning for Lizbeth, and definitely Paul Walker as Eamon.

Can you tell us about your upcoming project/book?

Which one!? I’m actually writing Eamon’s Story right now, as well as the fourth book in the series, titled Bite of Envy. I’m also writing an erotic short story series under the pen name Kendra Glenn. My mood for the day dictates what I work on, and three entirely different projects keep my mind active and satisfied.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest criticism would have to be the reviewer who misunderstood an important scene in Love Bite and suggested that I was supporting domestic violence/ spousal abuse. That one stung, as I am a survivor of it myself. And the best compliment There have been so many, like when a certain indie author referred to me as a “sure bet!” That made my month, and still makes me smile.

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Never give up! If you think it’s not good enough, don’t destroy it! Set it aside, work on something else, and maybe you can come back to it and fall in love. Never give up, never stop writing, and always believe, if you’re writing, you’re already a writer!



Kay Glass

Kay Glass is the author of the Just One Bite series, the short stories Heaven Can Be Hell and Table of Blood, and the upcoming Strange Curses series. She also writes and publishes under the pen name Kendra Glenn. She lives in Delaware with her husband, their two children, and a variety of beloved pets. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading, swimming, and spending time with her family.


Kay Glass Blog Kay Glass Facebook Kay Glass Twitter


Love Bite, Bitten By Regret and Taste Of Grief by Kay Glass


Diandra Malone is only 28 years old when her life changes forever. Years of infertility left her depressed, but she’s finally pregnant. Before she has a chance to process the news, she finds out her husband has been brutally murdered.Lizbeth Snyder was a cop before she was framed for a crime she didn’t commit and kicked off the force. Living a desperate life on the streets, salvation comes from the oddest direction: the finding of Jonah Malone’s body.Now she’s living a wonderful life with Diandra and baby RaeLynn. The downside? Diandra is a vampire, and Lizbeth is being hunted by a very dangerous vampire- dangerous, and held in high esteem in the community. What will the future bring for these women, and how will Diandra handle her new vampire life? Find out how life changes with just one bite…




Four months can change so many things. Diandra has come to terms with being a vampire and what that means for her. Lizbeth has landed a new case, and it’s a nasty one: someone is selling tainted heroin on the Delaware streets, a potent mix that’s intended to kill. Jonah returns, seeking a favor from his former wife, and grudgingly from her new love as well. Is a favor all he wants, or is he seeking a way back to the life he had before? RaeLynn is older, growing more every day. This special baby has more tricks up her tiny sleeves!Lizbeth races the clock to stop the tainted drugs from killing anyone else, while Diandra deals with the regret she feels over the twists her life has taken with just one bite. 




Diandra and Lizbeth are back, and this time things are very different. Cocaine overdose victims are turning up in Bethany Beach and Lizbeth and Alexar are busy trying to clean it up. But when a surprising twist turns the case upside down, Lizbeth may have to compromise all she holds dear to make things right.District Attorney Giles Carson has plans for Lizbeth, as well. He’s not done with her, and he’s not forgiven her for ruining his clandestine efforts. Now a death threat hangs over her head and Diandra won’t just stand aside and let someone come between her and the woman she loves.The more things change, the more they stay the same- until they change again with just another bite.


Excerpt from “Highway to Hell” by Alex Laybourne

Highway to Hell by Alex Laybourne

“Think of this as Purgatory – I will try to keep to your simple way of categorizing things. There are many places just like this, realms or realities that exist alongside your own, within your own, and a near infinite number which exist in the different pathways of time. This you will see for yourselves, I am sure. These worlds exist to house those who had died. To allow them time for contemplation, and to give us time to judge them. Some worlds are filled with those who led a righteous life, one worthy of a happy eternity. Others are fire realms, nothing more than holding pens for the cattle that will be marched below to where out fallen brother leads his hedonistic life. Then there are many filled with lost souls; empty, lonely places void of all feeling; ghost worlds filled with those that were forgotten, left behind when it was their time to rise… or fall. These worlds all exist separate from each other. Those who dwell or wait in one know nothing about the others. Although memory of your own world remains, given time it fades. Those in the fire realms seem to remember the longest. They are the ones who grasp onto their human memories, as if it could somehow help them find redemption. While those who are righteous are given a mere taste of what awaits them and realize that there was no point to their lives. They are a short test which will determine your place in eternity. Pass and you will be rewarded, fail and punishment is a certainty, do neither and you will be destined to carry on living your mediocre existence in a world fitting to the task; a place such as this, for instance. This community, if you would like to call it that, is long abandoned. The souls simply fell from existence. In these outer worlds the boundaries that keep them sustained are weakened, bending all the time. It is not unheard of for these dimensions to disappear along with everybody in them. This was where we needed to bring you, for it is here that the boundaries are weakest. There is a war coming, a fight that has been brewing beneath the surface of all worlds since before time, and it is here that the first tears will appear. Once they start they cannot be stopped, and given time the barriers will break and all worlds will collide. Your earth, your mortal life, the kingdom of God will come crashing down from the heavens while the fiery underbelly of Hell will rise up and Lucifer, our fallen brother, will try once more to take control. This will not happen; it must not. Do you understand me?” Raguel’s eyes seemed to focus on all of them individually, yet simultaneously. It held them captive and allowed them all to see that this angel was far from the stereotype.

The group stood in silence. The words they had just heard were heavy to digest, and their brains had been sluggish before Raguel started, and so it took a while for everything to sink in. When it finally did they all had to fight back the urge to laugh, especially Graham who, despite his age, or possibly as a result of his age, was the most skeptical and cynical of them all. Once the laughter was contained without even so much as a nose snort, they all returned their attentions to Raguel, but instead of continuing with his explanation, he simple stared at them. There was a flash of light and a loud rustle of feathers. The wind created as the angel took flight brought tears to their eyes. Raguel was gone before any of them could register anything, the wind and sound apparently coming after the fact. All five of them had been looking straight at him, or so they would swear in later conversations, but yet none of them saw him leave. Like the greatest magician in the world he was there one second and vanished like the victim of a David Copperfield illusion the next.

“Forgive Raguel; he does not deal with mortals well. He is a warrior through and through. Maintaining the balance is his purpose, keeping a watchful eye on us is his responsibility. The troubles of our father’s favorite creation are of little and no concern to him,” the angel who had been introduced as Nemamiah said. His words were noticeably more cordial than Raguel’s had been.

Author Spotlight – Alex Laybourne

It is an honor and a pleasure to have my friend and fellow author, Alex Laybourne on the blog today! Alex is the ultimate in Horror writer, and his debut novel, “Highway To Hell”, demonstrates this all too well with incredibly macabre, yet well-crafted depictions of a man or woman’s own personal Hell! I hope you enjoy reading the interview and excerpt – be sure to follow his blog to stay updated on the release of the next book in the trilogy and any other future projects!


Alex Laybourne
Born and raised in the coastal English town Lowestoft, it should come as no surprise (to those that have the misfortune of knowing this place) that I became a horror writer.

From an early age I was sent to schools which were at least 30 minutes’ drive away and so spent most of my free time alone, as the friends I did have lived too far away for me to be able to hang out with them in the weekends or holidays.

I have been a writer as long as I can remember and have always had a vivid imagination. To this very day I find it all too easy to just drift away into my own mind and explore the world I create, where the conditions always seem to be just perfect for the cultivation of ideas, plots, scenes, characters and lines of dialogue everything basically, and when the time is right, I can simply pluck them from the allotment of my mind like carrots and serve them up on the pages of whatever work is to be their home.

I am married and have three children and my biggest dream for them is that they grow up to spend their lives doing what makes them happy, whatever that is
I am always interested in making new friends both readers and writers alike. You can find me most hours of the day on Twitter under the name @vanplank or on Facebook. If you really like me, you can always hop on over to my blog and see what goes on inside my mind.



Name three interesting facts about yourself.

Three things… um, I taught myself Dutch in one year just by immersing myself in the culture. No lessons.  I made an arrest my first night with the English Police (I was a Special Constable). It took me 45 minutes when the average is 12 months. If I talk to an Irish person for too long, I just start talking in this ridiculously fake Irish accent. It really is terrible, and I can’t stop it. That’s not really interesting, but I guess I’m pretty boring really ha.

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

Playing with the kids ( I have 4 of them… well 3.5 currently), when I have some free time, I love working out.

Favorite movie(s)?

Rocky, Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), The Omen, Jaws, too many to mention haha

Favorite music?

I don’t listen to much, only when exercising or driving. I have an eclectic mix from Metallica to Johnny Cash. I would say Country is what draws me the most.

Did you listen to any particular music for inspiration while writing “Highway to Hell”?

Not really, unless the sound of crying babies and shouting children counts. My writing is all done at home in my free time. With three kids running around it is hard to find quiet time. I guess the theme tune to Dora is as close to music as it gets.

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

My wife has stood behind me, but I have to say the greatest encouragement I have found is within the writing community itself. Everybody is motivating, and encourages each other. It is awesome to be a part of it.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Stephen King has been a large influence on me. His ability to take the smallest thing and turn it into a story; Gerald’s Game was one I will always remember. A woman tied to a bed, her husband dead at her feet. I mean it sounds like a scene not an entire novel.

What about the horror genre interests you? Is this what inspired you to write horror?

I never intended to write horror. It was just that every story I wrote went down this dark path. One day I just took a step back and look at it and thought. Ok, I’m going to write horror. I have never looked back. Horror is a great genre, because you can incorporate everything, comedy, romance, suspense etc.

What was the first horror book/story you remember reading?

I remember reading IT from Stephen King when I was about 11.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Nothing intentional, I think there probably are little messages that could be gleaned. It is the same for every novel, but I didn’t write it thinking, well, I hope people understand that message in this chapter.

What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing “Highway to Hell” to life?

Time was the main problem. As I said, with three kids running around and a full time job, I was restricted to about an hour a day, maybe a little more. Other than that, the novel just kind of wrote itself. It took me a while to settle on how to write it, but once I stripped the story down I realized I was writing two novels in one. I separated the ideas, and Highway to Hell was born.

What do you think readers will find the most frightening while reading your book?

I guess the start of the book. It is very graphic when it introduces the characters. You will need a strong stomach to read them. The second half of the novel is more about setting up the tone for the next installment. I hope that the images of Hell that I create will stick in peoples mind after they have finished reading it.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece of fiction?

I always wanted to go the traditional route, but after about 30 rejections from publishers the world over, I realized that maybe I should look at going it alone. That was when I started reading all about the Indie Author wave that was starting to build. I loved what I read, and I learned so much. The book wasn’t ready, not really, so I re-edited it, made it much stronger and then just kind of threw caution to the wind and published it. It worked out quite well, as I have now signed a contract with MayDecember Publications. Highway to Hell will be re-released at the end of this year with the second of the trilogy coming the beginning of 2013.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest criticism I ever reactive comes from myself. I am never satisfied with that I write, I always think things could be tweaked and tightened, but if I listened to myself, I would never finish a book. The best compliment was being compared to Stephen King. Several people mentioned it and it made my day.

Can you tell us about your upcoming project/book?

I have two books completed, the first two books in the Highway to Hell trilogy. They are due to be published at the end of 2012 and start of 2013 respectively. I am currently working on a collection of short stories, and a new novel. It is a psychological thriller and something totally different to Highway to Hell. After that, I will write part three of my trilogy.

Congratulations to you Alex for your outstanding news! You recently posted on your blog that you were signed by May December Publications!

What was your initial reaction when you realized “Highway to Hell” had been accepted by a publisher?

I stood outside in the street and did a little dance. It was 22:00, dark and the neighbors probably thought I was a little weird. I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell people.

What are your goals now that you have achieved your dream of being published?

World Domination… I mean, my goals are the same, I will continue writing, and just see where the books take me. My goal is to be as successful as I can. With May December, I am on the right path, but it is still up to me to ensure that I stay there, and keep moving forward.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?

It is simple advice and probably the same advice everybody gives. Write and read. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t write. Write every day, whether it is on your novel, or a short story, even a blog post. Write, it can be utter drivel and never see the light of day, but that doesn’t matter. You need to read. Reading makes us better writers, read as much as you can by as many writers and across as many genres as you can. Every writer offers you a new experience, and new perspective.



Highway to Hell by Alex Laybourne


Marcus, Becky, Richard, Helen, Sammy and Graham. All complete strangers, different ages, backgrounds and even countries, but they all have one major thing in common…They all must DIE.

Sentenced to offer their penance in the many chambers of Hell, their lives are nothing but a torturous experience. They are brought face to face with their past, their mistakes and the implications that had for others. Until one by one they are rescued and thrown together. Waking in a dying world, they are introduced to their rescuers who do anything but conform to their angelic stereotype.

Together, bonded by an unknown destiny the group is set on their quest; to find one individual buried deep within the many Hell worlds. Not only does the fate of their world rest on their shoulders, but that of existence itself.


Later today I will be posting an excerpt from Alex Laybourne’s “Highway to Hell”!

Author Spotlight – Eden Baylee

Sizzlin' Summer Reading With...Eden Baylee

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Today’s author spotlight is with one of the most generous, caring and selfless Indie Authors I’ve ever met! She is an incredible friend and author and I am very honored to have her visiting the blog today! Although I may paint her as an angel, you will soon realize that this little lady is a firecracker! 🙂 Enjoy!


Eden BayleeEden Baylee writes literary erotica. Her stories are both sensual and sexual, incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on. “Spring into Summer” is her second collection of erotic novellas.










Name three interesting facts about yourself.

Hmm… I’m not sure how interesting this is, but here goes,

  1. I enjoy carpentry because I love power tools
  2. I love to eat but I don’t like to chew my food
  3. I hate talking on the phone and don’t own a cell phone

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

I play guitar and harmonica – both poorly but I keep trying.

I meditate and do hot yoga.

I joined the gym recently because I need more cardio and started lifting weights.

Favorite movie(s)?

Many, here are some: Pulp Fiction, 
Il Postino
, Straw Dogs
, The Last Picture Show
, Citizen Kane
Secrets and Lies, 
The Graduate
, Godfather 1 and 2, 
Apocalypse Now
, Sense and Sensibility, 
Midnight Cowboy, 
Marathon Man
, Milk, Annie Hall

Favorite music?

Impossible to answer because my taste is vast. I love English rock, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Jeff Beck. I’m also a huge blues fan. Most of my CD collection is blues and jazz.

Did you listen to any particular music for inspiration while writing “Fall Into Winter” and “Spring Into Summer?

No, nothing in particular but I listen to Van Morrison’s song “And the Healing Has Begun” every day, less as a source of inspiration but simply because I love it. I’ve been listening to it for over twenty years and don’t tire of it.

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

I owe much of my love for writing to Jersey Joe, my high school prof who encouraged my writing when I was fifteen. He had to read my stories about masturbation and stabbing my mother. Thankfully, he didn’t turn me over to the authorities. He’s a fabulous man  – everyone should follow him on Twitter  (@gideonn49)  “OK, Sir, don’t say I never did anything for ya!”

Seriously, he’s a super cool guy to know, and of course, he writes like the wind.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I love Charles Bukowski – always have, his novels and especially his poetry. His style of writing is what I aspire to.

How did you get started as an erotic romance author? What made you decide to do this?

It was a long road. I was a full time banker for 20 years, while writing on the side. I hid all my writing – not because of the subject matter, but because I wasn’t ready to share it. The main reason was it wasn’t very good. I know that because when I quit my job to write full-time, I tried to salvage some of what I’d written over the years and burned most of it—literally.

What was the first erotic romance book/story you remember reading?

I read Story of O when I was eleven – a book of BDSM, finely penned by Pauline Réage. It’s a superb book and not lengthy, but it left a huge impression on my young mind.

Ultimately, I wanted to write and make others feel the same way I did when I read that book.

What inspires you? How do your ideas come to you?

I have a lot of orgasms. It’s fuel to my brain. Kidding…well not really.

Describe your writing process. Are you a disciplined every-day writer who outlines? Or an inspiration-driven, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer?

I’m a disciplined every-day writer who doesn’t outline – it’s against my religion, but seriously, I intend to write full-length novels so I will probably have to outline. Right now, I’m the purest form of a pantser you can find.

Tell us a little about “Spring Into Summer”.

It’s my second anthology of erotica – 4 stories, two take place in the spring, two in the summer. All my stories engage your imagination and are character-driven. It’s not page after page of sex because that would just bore the hell out of you.

There’s varying degrees of heat, so you will be touched, it’s just a matter of how much.

What do you think readers will enjoy most while reading your novellas?

Hmm, more of a question for my readers, but from what I’ve heard so far, they like being able to relate to the characters. My themes are pretty simple – love, loss, lust, longing. These are emotions everyone can relate to.

Why do you think people read erotica? What do you think erotic fiction does for them?

For me, all fiction is about some form of escapism – regardless of genre. Perhaps with erotica, there’s another element – the possibility of becoming aroused not just intellectually by a good story, but physically as well. Good erotica can be viewed like a vibrator, a sexual aid, if you will.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece offiction?

Ha! There’s nothing brief about it, but Spring into Summer is my second book, and I set out to self-publish from the get-go.

When I started, I wanted to sell my novellas individually to traditional publishers, but after numerous rejections, I packaged four of them into one book and published them as an anthology called Fall into Winter.

I love the self-publish model as it works for me. I’m a bit of a control freak so it allows me the freedom I need.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has beenthe best compliment?

The tough criticism hasn’t come from readers but from my current editor, Annetta Ribken, whom I adore.  She improved my writing because she pushed me to be better during the writing process.

I had to rewrite an entire masturbation scene because she said I could do better, and she was right. I had to research it again for a few hours – tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Best compliment? I feel warm and fuzzy any time I hear from readers who say they liked my book. It doesn’t matter what they say as much as their willingness to share with me. It’s always wonderful to hear from readers.

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

My mantra to myself: Keep writing. Be persistent. Believe in yourself.



Spring Into Summer by Eden Baylee


In Spring into Summer, a collection of emotionally-charged erotic novellas, four women explore their sexual limits, marked by love, lust, and loss.

 Life for Claire Pelletier is changed forever when she meets a professor who teaches her a most important lesson in “A Season for Everything.”

Evelyn Sutton goes in search of a man in “Unlocking the Mystery” and discovers the key to her own heart.

With an open mind, Ava Connors attends a party but wonders if reality can ever live up to her hottest fantasies in “Summer Solstice.”

In “The Lottery,” Sierra Zhao sacrifices herself to numerous men to help a friend, fully aware of the consequences.

With locations in London, Dublin, Cape Cod, and Bangkok, these four women will seek pleasure to alter their lives and push their sexual boundaries.





Eden, thank you so much for the opportunity to feature you on my blog! 🙂

Author Spotlight – Tiffany L. Wright

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! Today, I would like for you to meet my new friend and Indie Author, Tiffany Luv Wright! She has just recently released her novel, “Finding Stones: Tales From A 20 Year Old Witch”, a personal project that she has poured her heart and soul into. To quote Tiffany, “I wanted to create a character that young girls and women could relate too.  A female who was strong and empowered by those around her.  It’s been a long time coming for the women of the world to have a character that can prove she is driven by purpose and a deep love and appreciation for those who encircle her at the time.  And I wanted to bring back a heroine that was not mis-guided, or torn between men, but one who relished in connections that were meaningful and lasting.” It is an absolute honor to feature her first author interview on the blog, and I hope you will comment on the post and say hi! Thanks everyone! 🙂


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a mother of 3 sons, and finally got my daughter on the fourth kiddo.  We were an Army family and lived as far as South Korea.  We ended up in Washington state for 3 years, and we loved it!  It is very mystical.  A beautiful part of the country.  I am an avid animal lover, and love red wine and have a shoe problem.  A HUGE shoe problem!

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

We spend a lot of time in the river, fishing & swimming.  We also love to take day trips, sometimes we just get in the car and drive!  And I sew, a lot.  I love heavy fabrics and bright color patterns.

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

Two of my best friends, Danielle & Michelle, are huge influences.  We all love the genre I am writing in, and spend a majority of our time together gossiping and arguing over characters we love and hate! Another huge influence is my husband, without the support of those 3 mentioned, I could never have written “Tales from a 20 year old witch”.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Two favorites, “The Ghost In The Swing”, which sadly is out of print, and Jay Bennett, “The Haunted One”.  Both oldies but goodies.  Those two books threw me into the world of paranormal.  At a very young age, I was an advanced reader, I read a lot of stories I shouldn’t have!  Ha!  Stephen King….anyone?  At age 11, not so good for bedtime, but I couldn’t put paranormal books down.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece of fiction? 

I went back and forth between self publishing and a traditional house publisher.   I researched and truly felt like I needed to get this novel out now.  I’m not a very patient person, and self publishing was a great avenue for me in order to get the feedback I needed now to finish the series.   Plus, I was tired of getting “you suck” letters.  I sent off to a ton of huge agents and houses, still getting emails daily.  Self publishing offers a very important lesson in writing, especially when the reviews from normal, everyday readers start coming in.

How did you choose the genre you write in and where do you get your ideas? 

I LOVE, and I mean LOVE YA and paranormal books.  Putting the two together brings out some great stories.  I read a lot, and I watch a lot of paranormal television.  Funny, my idea came in a dream.  It’s so cliché I know, but…true story.  The name Silver City was in a dream, I spent the better part of a day in front of the computer researching the perfect “Silver City” and along with what I wanted to use, which were the mines and a new invention of blood drinkers, it was a perfect fit. 

Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I just sit down and write.  Then I go back over and revise.  I have incredible friends in South Korea and Germany (the two listed above) who help me by reading along the way.  Sometimes I sit down at the computer and my fingers literally do not stop typing for 10K or more words.  An outline would cause me to think too much.  Probably a sick form of ADD.  😉

How did you come up with the title for your current novel? 

My 14 year old son helped with this title, and book 2 as well.  It fit perfectly with our theme. 

What do you think your readers will admire most about the lead character Jaxx? 

I think girls can relate because while she still is emotional, she isn’t completely hung up on a boy/man.  Girls need to feel empowered by one another, and they need to put weight in to the relationships they build with one another.  Love comes later in life, it finally hits you what it is about.  And I want my younger readers to feel empowered by her relationship with the other females, while still maintaining her relationship with Chase. 

Does your character Jaxx resemble you in any way?

Yes.  I am a closed book to most.  I have serious trust issues!   I may seem open, but in reality, there are only a few who know me.  And I have a tendency to blurt out my opinion….*snickers*

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with? 

I love anything involving fantasy.  Anything that holds a legend, that intrigues and pulls the imagination out of its shell.  I’m not sure I would go back to any of the characters, because they were necessary sacrifices.  Although I’ve already gotten a request to do a prequel.  Not sure, no promises!

Have you ever considered writing a book in first person with a male lead character? 

I have actually, my husband and I outlined a story this last fall.  It is a huge possibility.

What is your favorite movie/book? Why? 

My favorite book is “The Ghost In The Swing”; it was just magical.  My favorite movie is probably The Notebook, I am not a crier, so if I feel the need to cry, I just put that on.

What is your favorite part about being an indie author? 

I love the fact that my work is out there.  That I took the initiative to put it out for all to see.  I love different concepts and anything that provokes the imagination.   Indie authors push the envelope, they force people to use their creativity and spark their imagination.  If we lose imagination as a civilization, we are doomed.  I love that Indie authors absolutely own their fan base.  They created their own destiny.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?What has been the best compliment? 

The toughest was that I needed more details; more details on the girls, and more on the parents.  I was also told that my story ended too abruptly.  Something I’ll be working on with book 2.  The best is hearing that my fans want more…more…more.  When I was sending the chapters off to reviews, BAM, I’d get an email from a girlfriend desperately wanting the next chapter.  That is a great feeling, that I’ve drawn them in.  And I made one of my girlfriends cry.  I’ve heard crying = 5 stars, lol!

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Just do it.  Just sit down at the computer, or your notebook and write.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can revise it later.  But when you build a basis for a story, it’s so incredible to develop and see where it takes you.  You can get it all out!  And you never know, until you’ve finished it.  My novel isn’t very long, but it was an incredible feeling to finish such a task that I had set out for myself.




Tiffany Luv Wright

Tiffany Wright currently resides in Marshfield, Mo., and also where she completed “Finding Stones”. She and her husband have traveled the globe while he served on a 4 year active duty Army enlistment, living as far as South Korea. Tiffany is 33, has 4 children and they are a very active and fun family.



Finding Stones by Tiffany Luv Wright


Jaxx had moved around her entire life, until settling in Silver City, NM., where she meets the best friends she cannot imagine her life without. She enters in to a world of witchcraft handed down in her family for centuries, and learns that sometimes you have to hold on to those friendships in the physical and spiritual world in order to continue the journey.

Gut-wrenching losses, eternal battles between good and evil, and finally able to let go of the material world, Jaxx slides in to an Underworld where witches, spirits, Immortals, Lusts, and other demonic creatures rule. She loses some of the people closest to her, and gains new relationships that are furious with love and purpose.

The evil lurking right around the corner is bad enough, but when she realizes how fine the line is between good and evil, it threatens to consume all of the love she has known. She draws her power from earthly stones, and each person has a power connected to the elemental stones destined to them. As her battle pushes on, she realizes that she has only tapped the surface of what exists in our world.



Jaxx looked up. Her eyes were swollen with tears. Blood was encrusted all over her face and exposed body. Her hair sitting wild on her shoulders. Even in her mess, she looked like the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. His heart skipped a beat at her presence, then it sank when she welled up again at the sight of Ariannas lifeless body. She turned to Mau, and they buried their heads on each others shoulders. Huge, silent sobs had taken over the girls. Ariannas mother stepped forward and screamed. She ran to her daughter and forced her body out of Chases arms. Landing in the floor, holding her face in her own hands, and crying out.

Jaxx ran to Chase. Landing in his arms. They both sank in the cavern floor in a heap of sobbing. Chase was speaking softly to Jaxx, moving her hair out of her face to take it in his hands. “She is still with you Jaxx” he said softly.

I know, choking on her words. It was all she could muster up the strength to say. She looked at Chase deeply. At first he couldn’t understand why, and with a silent anguish she pointed to the very back of the cavern where Gretta and what was left of Petra were lying. He felt like vomiting. Arianna was right. There was a reason she could no longer see Gretta. It went deeper than Gretta dying. It was the most unexpected and horrific thing that could have happened. Worse than any of them had predicted or imagined when beginning this trek into the dark, evil mines of New Mexico.




Amazon Author Page:


Book available on:



Author Spotlight – Tanja Segal

It’s the start of a new week and to get this Monday rolling, I am very excited to have Indie Author, Tanja Segal visiting the blog today! I met Tanja on Twitter and was instantly enthralled by her novel, “Death Lurks Everywhere”! We started chatting about our favorite horror movies and found we have a lot of the same interests. She is not only a very thoughtful and genuine person, she is also a very talented artist and author! I hope you enjoy the excerpt from her upcoming novel, “Death Lurks Everywhere” and I encourage you to stop by her blog and say hi!

Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalMEET AUTHOR, TANJA SEGAL

Author Tanja Segal

My Name is Tanja. I’m from a small town in Germany called Gelsenkirchen, where I lived my whole life. The funny thing about this small town is since I moved to Los Angeles, everyone I meet asks me where I came from and of course they don’t know this town, but the reactions of these people are so funny. I try to explain, but this makes for some amazing stories on occasion, *lol*. Maybe it would help if I told you that this town is about 25 miles from Duesseldorf and not too far from Koeln? 😉 Do you know where I live now? ha ha ha

Like all children, I went to school in Germany and studied for 10 Years. My favorite classes were: English, Biology, Physics and Sports! In my youth I always had the dream of visiting the USA someday. It was a really big dream for me. Who would have thought that this Dream would actually be fulfilled some day?

After I was done with my school, I started to study IT Support, business, and Technology. I worked 3 Years in a Company named ”Timeless GmbH” which was a Computer Company that sold new computer hardware. I started in sales and moved over to the Technical department where I repaired PC’s, installed whole systems and built custom computers on order. I had a great time. I finished my education and earned the title ”IT System Clerk.” Yes I am a girl who knows many things about computers 🙂 Surprised?

From August 2009 until January 2012 I worked for a phone company, E-Plus, as a call center agent. I supported customers and helped them with network related issues, or Internet connection problems. I also helped them with settings for their cell phones.

On January 16th I moved to Los Angeles – California. Now I am working to make another Dream come true. I want to use my creativity and finally become a writer. Well I am already doing some nice things. Like for example: designing websites, creating book covers and drawing portraits 🙂 I consider myself an artist.

Follow her blog at –


Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalABOUT TANJA’S BOOK, “DEATH LURKS EVERYWHERE”

Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja Segal
“Death Lurks Everywhere” is a horror/science fiction novel about a genetic experiment gone awry that produces a fierce monster that wreaks havoc on the human race, a disaster of massive proportions. Will the evil forces behind this experiment be discovered in time and will the monster be stopped, or is everything lost?


Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalEXCERPT FROM “DEATH LURKS EVERYWHERE”


Excerpt from Chapter 3 – The arrival

Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja Segal

Joe, who had taken his place again, eyed Tom, trying to hide his own concern.

“Of course it was the wind, you chicken. “He had no idea what had just happened and a cold shower ran down his spine yet he did not want Tom to notice. He steadied himself holding the side of the boat with one hand and looked towards Tom whose whole body was trembling and stammered.

“Have you been able to see anything in the water? “ Joe nodded his head, trying to play down the whole situation.

“No, there’s nothing there. The boat has probably just crossed an little uneven ground and that is what caused the shaking.”

Although coming from his own lips, he himself could not really believe what he had just said. He nodded at Tom affirmatively and got up again. He opened the box in the middle of the boat, grasping a small torch. At a click of his thumb the torch radiated a yellowish light. He pointed the lamp at the water and scrutinized the surface once again. But again he could detect nothing. He lowered the hand with the torch and turned to Tom who was still sitting trembling.

„Look, there is no mons…“ But precisely at that moment came the sound of a muffled tone. A scream muted by the water. Joe was startled. Totally shocked he dropped the torch into the water holding his ears closed with both hands. Tom also grabbed the towel beside him, folding it instantly over his head. Joe’s eyes widened, now he also had problems continuing to suppress his fear. He swirled around looking from every direction into the water yet he could see nothing. It was almost as if a ghost was attacking the boat. With a jolt something crashed against the back of the boat and it began rocking again. This time Joe had no chance. He slipped, falling backwards and lost his balance. He fell overboard into the water. Tom jumped up, looking into the water. He was under total shock and hadn’t a clue what to do. He combed the surface of the water but could find Joe nowhere.

Suddenly bubbles of air rose to the surface and Joe hastily gasped for air. He shouted to Tom.

“Come on you idiot, stop gazing so dumbly into the water. Get me out of here.” Tom was still in a complete state of shock, he gathered his courage. He bent over the edge of the boat stretching his hand out to Joe who tried with all his strength to pull himself up but in vein. He lost hold of his hand and fell back into the cool water, thrashing about with both legs to stay afloat. But something under the water already had him in its sights and moved faster and faster towards him. Joe shouted to Tom.

“Faster, faster, get me out of here!” Tom grabbed his hand once again and pulled as hard as he could, but then he turned his gaze to the water behind Joe. The sight that revealed itself shocked him so much that he abruptly let go of Joe’s hand who fell backwards again into the water. Joe didn’t understand the world any longer and was visibly angry and screamed at Tom.

 “You idiot, what’s the matter with you?” But then he felt something moving behind him. It was moving at an extraordinary speed and heading straight towards him. Joe whirled around and saw an approximately one meter large creature coming towards him. Now it was all or nothing. He had no time to lose and tried to get out of the water on his own. But it was too late. The creature had reached him and pulled him down backwards from the side of the boat. He cried for help and fought tooth and nail to defend himself. But he did not have a chance.

The creature clenched him by the neck, pulling him down into the depths of the ocean. Tom who had had to watch the whole spectacle fell back onto his seat after the event. He bent forwards holding his head in both hands. He bobbed up and down, his whole body trembling. The shock of what had just happened had mortified him. He thought the nightmare was over but once again came the frightening muffled noise. The boat began to rock. Tom grasped the side of the boot when its wooden bottom broke up before his eyes. Before he could manage to get up or get out of the way he was confronted by the gigantic creature. He stared into the eyes of the beetle-like animal. They were grayish in color and shimmered translucently in the light of the stars.

Tom’s eyes widened and he screamed for help. Suddenly a harpoon-like tongue shot from the mouth of the creature and in one stroke bored through Tom’s head. The last cry hushed into the night and the creature dived into the depths with its prey. All that remained was the destroyed remains of a wooden boat. But the attack ensured that the boat slowly but surely began to sink. In a few minutes it would be impossible to discover and an accident could no longer be reconstructed…


Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalYOU CAN FIND TANJA SEGAL HERE

Author website:



Facebook fan page:



Author Spotlight – J.A. Schneider

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! I am extremely honored to have my friend and fellow Indie Author, J.A. Schneider on my blog today!! Her debut novel, “Embryo” is an exciting and controversial medical thriller that is sure to keep you riveted! With her novel receiving rave reviews and 5 stars, “Embryo” is the ultimate thriller novel to add to your TBR list!


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up loving to read…everything! From Nancy Drew to the back of a cereal box. Words and story ideas are always teeming in my head – a very colorful place! I’m a wife, mother, passionate about reading & writing – especially thrillers, medical thrillers, and mysteries. Decades of being married to a cardiologist means that there’ll be fascinating medical angles even in “regular” thrillers that I write. CanNOT fall asleep without reading…even after a long day of writing.

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

I’m passionate too about gardening, always digging out some boulder for a new shrub or tracking mud around the house. My favorite plants are boxwood and rambler roses, which can reach 30 feet and are now blocking second floor windows. I spend a lot of time on a ladder…

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

Mainly it was just me, scribbling away from age 12, and then during my French lit major years. Then there was my husband, who despite being headed for med school was an English major and still reads his favorite Conan Doyles; practically knows them by heart. Other influences were writers during my Newsweek years. The oft-heard dream there was to “stay home and write.” The brave ones would leave, then come back with the challenge “You’re still here?”

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Ira Levin and Agatha Christie at her best. I am fascinated by writers who in one or few words can say it all. For example, news comes that’s sad or terrible, and a character just says, “Oh?” There you have it; in one word that character has revealed indifference, shallowness. Levin is the master; I am fascinated by his ingenious brevity. Scenes that have influenced me hugely are, for example, the one in Levin’s “The Boys From Brazil,” where the female former warden in a concentration camp is to be brought from her prison cell for Lieberman, the Nazi hunter, to question. Lieberman is just dying of nerves wondering how he’ll react when he sees her. Finally, her lawyer brings her. The door opens. Lieberman’s heart is in his mouth…and out simply comes a drab old woman with “a disappointed mouth.”

“A disappointed mouth!” This person’s whole life summed up in three words! And we see her, much better than if Levin had gone on and on about her pallor, sunken features, shuffling gait, depressing German prison uniform. He could have done that, but he didn’t. With those three words we see that woman so clearly that it hits us emotionally.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece of fiction?

That was DARKNESS FALLS, a thriller which sold in a 3-day auction to Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books. That book just started with something someone said, and the idea grew. I mulled over it for months, and did umpteen drafts. That was back in the day when you actually met your editor and they’d take you to lunch. Can you imagine such a time?

How did you choose the genre you write in?

I’ve always loved adventure thrillers, even as a child reading “Black Beauty” or “Kim” or Nancy Drew. The one exception was “The Secret Garden,” which I still love.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I start with a rough outline, which “sets the tracks” to start with but goes off the rails pretty fast.

How did you come up with the title for your current novel?

EMBRYO… I saw the cover image first, and the title just came.

What do you think readers will appreciate most about your book?

A story about malignant geniuses tinkering with IVF and human genetic engineering hasn’t been done yet. Some will call this sci/fi, but the technology is there. That’s what’s really frightening. There are also scenes so scary that they approach Gothic horror.

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?

There will be a sequel to EMBRYO. Readers won’t want to say good-bye to two of the characters, and neither will I.

Have you ever considered writing a book in first person with a male lead character?


What is your favorite part about being an indie author?

The independence! Traditional publishing has gotten slower than ever, with editors getting laid off and books winding up as orphans for months on abandoned desks. Also, I don’t miss agents and editors, some of whom can be awfully nit-picky.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

“I’m not writing well enough or fast enough.”  I’m my own worst critic. The sweetest compliment I ever received was from an editor who said, “You put your heart on the page.”

Can you tell us about your upcoming project/book?

There’ll be two upcoming books. Second, a sequel to EMBRYO, and before that a medical/legal thriller: Should a lawyer defend her philandering husband in the murder trial of a girl he dallied with?

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Mainly, believe in yourself. Understand that we’re all our own worst critics. Also be patient with yourself. Some stories can rattle around in our heads for years and then suddenly resolve themselves and say, “Okay, I’m ready.”



J.A. Schneider, Author

J.A. (Joyce Anne) Schneider is a former staffer at Newsweek. She has published FLORA TRISTAN and DARKNESS FALLS (Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books); EMBRYO is her first ebook. She is passionate about reading & writing – especially thrillers, medical thrillers, and mysteries. Decades of being married to a physician and patient explainer means that there’ll be fascinating medical angles even in “regular” thrillers that she writes. She canNOT fall asleep without reading a favorite book…even after a long day of writing.



Embryo by J.A. Schneider


“Maria Moran’s first inkling of trouble was the coppery taste in her mouth. It came suddenly, a rushing whoosh of something that made her gag, and when she reached to wipe her mouth, her hand came away smeared with blood.”

So begins this thriller about a young intern, Jill Raney, determined to investigate tragedies and terror at a famous fertility and genetic engineering hospital. When two pregnant women die and a fetus is delivered with severe chromosomal abnormalities, Jill’s superiors – including handsome, smitten-with-her resident David Levine – insist there’s no common link.

But her suspicions deepen with the grotesque murder near the hospital of another pregnant woman – her belly drained of amniotic fluid. And when a woman miscarries in the hospital and then disappears, Jill frantically searches for her – following a terrifying path that seems to link all the victims: Is someone experimenting with life…and the structure of human life itself?

An unforgettable tale of suspense with a shocking denouement, Embryo takes you deep into the mind of a malignant genius.






Book available on:


(Soon to be available on Nook, Smashwords, etc.)

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