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The Eternal Amulet of Ele-Amarna


(Cheron – the true specter of death, Ferryman at The River Styx – speaking to Katherine Pendragon, the daughter of the Dark Lord of the Provinces of Hell)

“Your father and his loyal demons cannot cross flowing water, and I speak not of the river of death.  Only through me may you cross the Styx.  These lands are not your prison and there are no conventions which bind your fate, but without an army, your father’s curse will be the end of us all.”

Cheron reached into his robe and pulled out an amulet attached to a golden chain.  Gazing at it for a moment, Cheron’s energy spiked, almost unnoticeably, and then passed.  He handed the piece to Katherine hesitantly, as if he was about to lose something meaningful to him.

“The most precious gift I can give you is this.  The Eternal Amulet of Ele-Amarna.  It will give you control over Bahn Fahr and the Army of the Dead. “

The Amulet of Ele-Amarna was an ancient vial, one and one half inches in length, attached to a solid gold chain, which was eighteen inches in length.  The six gold rings surrounding it, would spin in the manner of a combination lock until they lined up, allowing it to open.  Katherine had no knowledge of what would happen once it opened, but she did know that her energy combined with that of the amulet would call up the Army of the Dead, and their subsequent leader, General Bahn Fahr.  The General resided with his army in the Province of Sheol. This might be the only way to defeat her father.

But the Amulet came with a warning:

“But beware . . . if the Amulet is destroyed once the Army is called, you will unleash dominion over the living by angry legions of those who cannot be stopped or killed.  Be warned, Ariella.  Hold the Amulet and call the Name of Bahn Fahr at the peril of all you hold dear.”

Does Katherine resort to using the Amulet, or does she find another way to to thwart the plans of her malevolent father, the Dark Lord, and his army of demons?  The answers can be found in


at my website, where it can be purchased at numerous locations in a variety of formats.

I look forward to hearing from my readers.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments.



Author Spotlight – Tiffany L. Wright

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! Today, I would like for you to meet my new friend and Indie Author, Tiffany Luv Wright! She has just recently released her novel, “Finding Stones: Tales From A 20 Year Old Witch”, a personal project that she has poured her heart and soul into. To quote Tiffany, “I wanted to create a character that young girls and women could relate too.  A female who was strong and empowered by those around her.  It’s been a long time coming for the women of the world to have a character that can prove she is driven by purpose and a deep love and appreciation for those who encircle her at the time.  And I wanted to bring back a heroine that was not mis-guided, or torn between men, but one who relished in connections that were meaningful and lasting.” It is an absolute honor to feature her first author interview on the blog, and I hope you will comment on the post and say hi! Thanks everyone! 🙂


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a mother of 3 sons, and finally got my daughter on the fourth kiddo.  We were an Army family and lived as far as South Korea.  We ended up in Washington state for 3 years, and we loved it!  It is very mystical.  A beautiful part of the country.  I am an avid animal lover, and love red wine and have a shoe problem.  A HUGE shoe problem!

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

We spend a lot of time in the river, fishing & swimming.  We also love to take day trips, sometimes we just get in the car and drive!  And I sew, a lot.  I love heavy fabrics and bright color patterns.

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

Two of my best friends, Danielle & Michelle, are huge influences.  We all love the genre I am writing in, and spend a majority of our time together gossiping and arguing over characters we love and hate! Another huge influence is my husband, without the support of those 3 mentioned, I could never have written “Tales from a 20 year old witch”.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Two favorites, “The Ghost In The Swing”, which sadly is out of print, and Jay Bennett, “The Haunted One”.  Both oldies but goodies.  Those two books threw me into the world of paranormal.  At a very young age, I was an advanced reader, I read a lot of stories I shouldn’t have!  Ha!  Stephen King….anyone?  At age 11, not so good for bedtime, but I couldn’t put paranormal books down.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece of fiction? 

I went back and forth between self publishing and a traditional house publisher.   I researched and truly felt like I needed to get this novel out now.  I’m not a very patient person, and self publishing was a great avenue for me in order to get the feedback I needed now to finish the series.   Plus, I was tired of getting “you suck” letters.  I sent off to a ton of huge agents and houses, still getting emails daily.  Self publishing offers a very important lesson in writing, especially when the reviews from normal, everyday readers start coming in.

How did you choose the genre you write in and where do you get your ideas? 

I LOVE, and I mean LOVE YA and paranormal books.  Putting the two together brings out some great stories.  I read a lot, and I watch a lot of paranormal television.  Funny, my idea came in a dream.  It’s so cliché I know, but…true story.  The name Silver City was in a dream, I spent the better part of a day in front of the computer researching the perfect “Silver City” and along with what I wanted to use, which were the mines and a new invention of blood drinkers, it was a perfect fit. 

Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I just sit down and write.  Then I go back over and revise.  I have incredible friends in South Korea and Germany (the two listed above) who help me by reading along the way.  Sometimes I sit down at the computer and my fingers literally do not stop typing for 10K or more words.  An outline would cause me to think too much.  Probably a sick form of ADD.  😉

How did you come up with the title for your current novel? 

My 14 year old son helped with this title, and book 2 as well.  It fit perfectly with our theme. 

What do you think your readers will admire most about the lead character Jaxx? 

I think girls can relate because while she still is emotional, she isn’t completely hung up on a boy/man.  Girls need to feel empowered by one another, and they need to put weight in to the relationships they build with one another.  Love comes later in life, it finally hits you what it is about.  And I want my younger readers to feel empowered by her relationship with the other females, while still maintaining her relationship with Chase. 

Does your character Jaxx resemble you in any way?

Yes.  I am a closed book to most.  I have serious trust issues!   I may seem open, but in reality, there are only a few who know me.  And I have a tendency to blurt out my opinion….*snickers*

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with? 

I love anything involving fantasy.  Anything that holds a legend, that intrigues and pulls the imagination out of its shell.  I’m not sure I would go back to any of the characters, because they were necessary sacrifices.  Although I’ve already gotten a request to do a prequel.  Not sure, no promises!

Have you ever considered writing a book in first person with a male lead character? 

I have actually, my husband and I outlined a story this last fall.  It is a huge possibility.

What is your favorite movie/book? Why? 

My favorite book is “The Ghost In The Swing”; it was just magical.  My favorite movie is probably The Notebook, I am not a crier, so if I feel the need to cry, I just put that on.

What is your favorite part about being an indie author? 

I love the fact that my work is out there.  That I took the initiative to put it out for all to see.  I love different concepts and anything that provokes the imagination.   Indie authors push the envelope, they force people to use their creativity and spark their imagination.  If we lose imagination as a civilization, we are doomed.  I love that Indie authors absolutely own their fan base.  They created their own destiny.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?What has been the best compliment? 

The toughest was that I needed more details; more details on the girls, and more on the parents.  I was also told that my story ended too abruptly.  Something I’ll be working on with book 2.  The best is hearing that my fans want more…more…more.  When I was sending the chapters off to reviews, BAM, I’d get an email from a girlfriend desperately wanting the next chapter.  That is a great feeling, that I’ve drawn them in.  And I made one of my girlfriends cry.  I’ve heard crying = 5 stars, lol!

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Just do it.  Just sit down at the computer, or your notebook and write.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can revise it later.  But when you build a basis for a story, it’s so incredible to develop and see where it takes you.  You can get it all out!  And you never know, until you’ve finished it.  My novel isn’t very long, but it was an incredible feeling to finish such a task that I had set out for myself.




Tiffany Luv Wright

Tiffany Wright currently resides in Marshfield, Mo., and also where she completed “Finding Stones”. She and her husband have traveled the globe while he served on a 4 year active duty Army enlistment, living as far as South Korea. Tiffany is 33, has 4 children and they are a very active and fun family.



Finding Stones by Tiffany Luv Wright


Jaxx had moved around her entire life, until settling in Silver City, NM., where she meets the best friends she cannot imagine her life without. She enters in to a world of witchcraft handed down in her family for centuries, and learns that sometimes you have to hold on to those friendships in the physical and spiritual world in order to continue the journey.

Gut-wrenching losses, eternal battles between good and evil, and finally able to let go of the material world, Jaxx slides in to an Underworld where witches, spirits, Immortals, Lusts, and other demonic creatures rule. She loses some of the people closest to her, and gains new relationships that are furious with love and purpose.

The evil lurking right around the corner is bad enough, but when she realizes how fine the line is between good and evil, it threatens to consume all of the love she has known. She draws her power from earthly stones, and each person has a power connected to the elemental stones destined to them. As her battle pushes on, she realizes that she has only tapped the surface of what exists in our world.



Jaxx looked up. Her eyes were swollen with tears. Blood was encrusted all over her face and exposed body. Her hair sitting wild on her shoulders. Even in her mess, she looked like the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. His heart skipped a beat at her presence, then it sank when she welled up again at the sight of Ariannas lifeless body. She turned to Mau, and they buried their heads on each others shoulders. Huge, silent sobs had taken over the girls. Ariannas mother stepped forward and screamed. She ran to her daughter and forced her body out of Chases arms. Landing in the floor, holding her face in her own hands, and crying out.

Jaxx ran to Chase. Landing in his arms. They both sank in the cavern floor in a heap of sobbing. Chase was speaking softly to Jaxx, moving her hair out of her face to take it in his hands. “She is still with you Jaxx” he said softly.

I know, choking on her words. It was all she could muster up the strength to say. She looked at Chase deeply. At first he couldn’t understand why, and with a silent anguish she pointed to the very back of the cavern where Gretta and what was left of Petra were lying. He felt like vomiting. Arianna was right. There was a reason she could no longer see Gretta. It went deeper than Gretta dying. It was the most unexpected and horrific thing that could have happened. Worse than any of them had predicted or imagined when beginning this trek into the dark, evil mines of New Mexico.




Amazon Author Page:


Book available on:



Author Spotlight – Tanja Segal

It’s the start of a new week and to get this Monday rolling, I am very excited to have Indie Author, Tanja Segal visiting the blog today! I met Tanja on Twitter and was instantly enthralled by her novel, “Death Lurks Everywhere”! We started chatting about our favorite horror movies and found we have a lot of the same interests. She is not only a very thoughtful and genuine person, she is also a very talented artist and author! I hope you enjoy the excerpt from her upcoming novel, “Death Lurks Everywhere” and I encourage you to stop by her blog and say hi!

Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalMEET AUTHOR, TANJA SEGAL

Author Tanja Segal

My Name is Tanja. I’m from a small town in Germany called Gelsenkirchen, where I lived my whole life. The funny thing about this small town is since I moved to Los Angeles, everyone I meet asks me where I came from and of course they don’t know this town, but the reactions of these people are so funny. I try to explain, but this makes for some amazing stories on occasion, *lol*. Maybe it would help if I told you that this town is about 25 miles from Duesseldorf and not too far from Koeln? 😉 Do you know where I live now? ha ha ha

Like all children, I went to school in Germany and studied for 10 Years. My favorite classes were: English, Biology, Physics and Sports! In my youth I always had the dream of visiting the USA someday. It was a really big dream for me. Who would have thought that this Dream would actually be fulfilled some day?

After I was done with my school, I started to study IT Support, business, and Technology. I worked 3 Years in a Company named ”Timeless GmbH” which was a Computer Company that sold new computer hardware. I started in sales and moved over to the Technical department where I repaired PC’s, installed whole systems and built custom computers on order. I had a great time. I finished my education and earned the title ”IT System Clerk.” Yes I am a girl who knows many things about computers 🙂 Surprised?

From August 2009 until January 2012 I worked for a phone company, E-Plus, as a call center agent. I supported customers and helped them with network related issues, or Internet connection problems. I also helped them with settings for their cell phones.

On January 16th I moved to Los Angeles – California. Now I am working to make another Dream come true. I want to use my creativity and finally become a writer. Well I am already doing some nice things. Like for example: designing websites, creating book covers and drawing portraits 🙂 I consider myself an artist.

Follow her blog at –


Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalABOUT TANJA’S BOOK, “DEATH LURKS EVERYWHERE”

Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja Segal
“Death Lurks Everywhere” is a horror/science fiction novel about a genetic experiment gone awry that produces a fierce monster that wreaks havoc on the human race, a disaster of massive proportions. Will the evil forces behind this experiment be discovered in time and will the monster be stopped, or is everything lost?


Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalEXCERPT FROM “DEATH LURKS EVERYWHERE”


Excerpt from Chapter 3 – The arrival

Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja Segal

Joe, who had taken his place again, eyed Tom, trying to hide his own concern.

“Of course it was the wind, you chicken. “He had no idea what had just happened and a cold shower ran down his spine yet he did not want Tom to notice. He steadied himself holding the side of the boat with one hand and looked towards Tom whose whole body was trembling and stammered.

“Have you been able to see anything in the water? “ Joe nodded his head, trying to play down the whole situation.

“No, there’s nothing there. The boat has probably just crossed an little uneven ground and that is what caused the shaking.”

Although coming from his own lips, he himself could not really believe what he had just said. He nodded at Tom affirmatively and got up again. He opened the box in the middle of the boat, grasping a small torch. At a click of his thumb the torch radiated a yellowish light. He pointed the lamp at the water and scrutinized the surface once again. But again he could detect nothing. He lowered the hand with the torch and turned to Tom who was still sitting trembling.

„Look, there is no mons…“ But precisely at that moment came the sound of a muffled tone. A scream muted by the water. Joe was startled. Totally shocked he dropped the torch into the water holding his ears closed with both hands. Tom also grabbed the towel beside him, folding it instantly over his head. Joe’s eyes widened, now he also had problems continuing to suppress his fear. He swirled around looking from every direction into the water yet he could see nothing. It was almost as if a ghost was attacking the boat. With a jolt something crashed against the back of the boat and it began rocking again. This time Joe had no chance. He slipped, falling backwards and lost his balance. He fell overboard into the water. Tom jumped up, looking into the water. He was under total shock and hadn’t a clue what to do. He combed the surface of the water but could find Joe nowhere.

Suddenly bubbles of air rose to the surface and Joe hastily gasped for air. He shouted to Tom.

“Come on you idiot, stop gazing so dumbly into the water. Get me out of here.” Tom was still in a complete state of shock, he gathered his courage. He bent over the edge of the boat stretching his hand out to Joe who tried with all his strength to pull himself up but in vein. He lost hold of his hand and fell back into the cool water, thrashing about with both legs to stay afloat. But something under the water already had him in its sights and moved faster and faster towards him. Joe shouted to Tom.

“Faster, faster, get me out of here!” Tom grabbed his hand once again and pulled as hard as he could, but then he turned his gaze to the water behind Joe. The sight that revealed itself shocked him so much that he abruptly let go of Joe’s hand who fell backwards again into the water. Joe didn’t understand the world any longer and was visibly angry and screamed at Tom.

 “You idiot, what’s the matter with you?” But then he felt something moving behind him. It was moving at an extraordinary speed and heading straight towards him. Joe whirled around and saw an approximately one meter large creature coming towards him. Now it was all or nothing. He had no time to lose and tried to get out of the water on his own. But it was too late. The creature had reached him and pulled him down backwards from the side of the boat. He cried for help and fought tooth and nail to defend himself. But he did not have a chance.

The creature clenched him by the neck, pulling him down into the depths of the ocean. Tom who had had to watch the whole spectacle fell back onto his seat after the event. He bent forwards holding his head in both hands. He bobbed up and down, his whole body trembling. The shock of what had just happened had mortified him. He thought the nightmare was over but once again came the frightening muffled noise. The boat began to rock. Tom grasped the side of the boot when its wooden bottom broke up before his eyes. Before he could manage to get up or get out of the way he was confronted by the gigantic creature. He stared into the eyes of the beetle-like animal. They were grayish in color and shimmered translucently in the light of the stars.

Tom’s eyes widened and he screamed for help. Suddenly a harpoon-like tongue shot from the mouth of the creature and in one stroke bored through Tom’s head. The last cry hushed into the night and the creature dived into the depths with its prey. All that remained was the destroyed remains of a wooden boat. But the attack ensured that the boat slowly but surely began to sink. In a few minutes it would be impossible to discover and an accident could no longer be reconstructed…


Death Lurks Everywhere by Tanja SegalYOU CAN FIND TANJA SEGAL HERE

Author website:



Facebook fan page:



An author, a book and his cat…

Vengeance of the Wolf by Solitaire Parke

My novel, “Vengeance of the Wolf” has been featured on Indie Author, Michelle Muto’s blog! I hope you will check out the interview and excerpt from “Vengeance” posted on Michelle’s blog! My little typing buddy, Tairobi was also featured in the post! Hope you’ll send him some love…he can be so sensitive! 😉

Many thanks Michelle! You rock!

Uh oh, there goes another politician!

Vengeance of the Wolf by Solitaire Parke

Many thanks to author, Lia Fairchild for featuring my novel, “Vengeance of the Wolf” on her blog! If you enjoy reading Horror/Thriller stories, then I hope you’ll visit Lia’s blog and read the excerpt from “Vengeance”!

Author Spotlight – T.D. Dewmer

Today I have the honor in featuring a new up-and-coming Indie Author, T.D. Dewmer! He has been kind enough to offer a glimpse into the world of his YA Fantasy novel, “Light of the Bonded Fates”; book one in the Mystic Hearts Series. To quote T.D., “The book has a compelling amount of suspense, adventure, and romance with a message reminding us to have confidence in ourselves, even when hope seems lost, and that love can be a light in the darkest of times.” So without taking too much of your time, here it is!


T.D. Dewmer is a writer of young adult fantasy and romance. He was creating characters at age five, building worlds at age six, and crafting stories at age seven, all within his mind and his stories have only evolved since. Dewmer attended school for the arts, where studied creative writing and music. He also writes song lyrics and poetry in his spare time.

Follow his blog at –



Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates is a young adult fantasy and the first in a five book series. The story revolves around Balthazar of Kalator, a boy of sixteen, who carries a burden when he discovers he is a destined hero know as the Chosen and his beloved Kristella is bonded to his fate. They share thoughts, feelings, dreams, and even death. If one dies, so does the other. The mystic kingdom of Kalator was once peaceful, but evil hangs in the air of an ancient demon who now hunts vulnerable Kristella to end the threat of his ancient enemies known as the Chosen. In the darkest of towers hides another enemy who follows the ancient fiend and means to summon a foreboding beast from the hellish Underworld. As a long forgotten war resurfaces, the people will, as they always have, turn to The Chosen Hero, but Balthazar refuses to believe himself a Hero of Light and it seems his love for Kristella is the only light in the world plagued by Shadows. He must overcome his insecurities to find the courage to protect Kristella, defeat the predator that hunts him, known as the Shadow, and save his people from the certain ruin they will face from the spawn of hell.



Mystic Hearts: Light of the Bonded Fates by T.D. Dewmer

The Shocking Awakening

          Balthazar looked upon a field that resembled the gardens within the front gates of the academy. Large crystals poked out of the ground. They were not like the crystals used for the cities and the academy. These crystals were there merely for the practice of magic for students.

The students were scattered along the field, all practicing what Alandis had taught them. Roots were shooting from the ground. Crystals gleamed in the distance from being focused. Trees and shrubs grew larger and stronger. Flowers bloomed along the field.

Balthazar sat between a crystal and a tree. He struggled to focus his sleeping abilities. He could not seem to reach them. He tried harder and harder, closing his eyes. Sweat began to break on his forehead. He could feel the power, but could not break the barrier. The barrier itself felt extremely powerful and seemed like a part of him.

His concentration was disrupted when he heard such a sweet voice coming from behind him. “Are you Prince Balthazar?” the voice asked.

He quickly got up and spun around to see the source of the magical voice. His heart began to race as he stared into the eyes of that beautiful girl who had been staring at him during the magic lesson. “Ye…ye…yes,” he stuttered. He caught his breath. “Who are you?”

 She smiled at him with such a shining expression. “I am Kristella. I have always lived near the palace and have seen you a few times. I have always wanted to meet you.”

Balthazar blushed, which made him feel embarrassed. “Well I am pleased to finally meet you.” He felt strange feelings toward this girl he could not understand.

She giggled. “I noticed you are having trouble focusing your energies. My father told me of a place near the academy where students once went to awaken their power. It’s a place where the crystals grow natural and free.”

Balthazar let curiosity get the better of him at this point. He thought of such a place that could actually break through the powerful barrier within him. He was finding it very hard to resist such a tempting thought. “Where is this place and is it forbidden?” he asked. Though curiosity had tight grip on his thoughts, he did not want to anger Alandis.

Kristella had an adorable rebellious smile. “I don’t know if it’s forbidden. I do know that is right up the mountain path beyond this field. I would be honored if you would join me on this adventure.” Her face changed to a playful begging expression.

Balthazar found it impossible to say no to that face. Curiosity had already taken hold of him. A longing to please Kristella added to it. He smiled back to her and said, “Very well. I will accompany you on this adventure of yours. Lead the way.”

Her face lit up with excitement. She grabbed his hand, which caused his heart to melt in his chest with strong feelings, and led him along the field. They made sure nobody was watching them and sprinted to the foot of the mountains. They were too far to be seen once they reached the mountains themselves and together they tried to locate the trail.

They found a wide mountain path. She held tight onto his hand as she led him down the large trail. They were surrounded by steep silver mountain walls. Some had peaks as they went further up, but the sky could only be seen by looking straight up and backward. The trail began to curve as they made good progress.

The silver stone of the mountain walls sparkled in the sunlight that now glared overhead. Balthazar and Kristella looked around with amazed expressions as they walked. They could see something strange in the rock walls ahead as the trail curved once more.

As they drew closer to it, they noticed it was a large wooden doorway that led to an old crystal mine. This mine seemed to have been abandoned for some reason. Kristella and Balthazar looked at one another with accomplished and curious looks on their faces. Kristella reached for the handle. She twisted and pulled the old iron latch, unlocking the door. She then pushed it open. CREAK! The old hinges slowly turned and they stepped inside.

The passage they entered was dark with a cold chill to the air. The only light provided was faintly shining from the open cavern door. Kristella and Balthazar held tightly to each other’s hands as they entered the vast darkness. The path led down beneath the mountain.

The farther down they went, the colder and heavier the air became. Curiosity motivated the pair to keep going. The tunnel began to widen and join with a more extensive cavern. The darkness faded a tiny bit as a glow appeared further within the cavern.

As the children approached the glow, they began to make out many glowing structures around the cavern. A humming sound filled their ears, but also a foul stench of musk invaded their noses, causing them to pinch their nostrils in disgust. The children soon forgot the smell as they caught sight of what they had been searching for.

Small white crystals lined the rock walls. Large white crystals grew from the ground. The cavern was full of the mystical crystals. The small ones were used to either grow the larger ones, which were used for homes or focusing sites, or as personal focusing crystals.

Kristella and Balthazar stared around the cavern with looks of admiration. Kristella’s eyes twinkled from the reflection of the glow of the crystals. Balthazar was growing lost in her eyes. He was glad he had agreed to accompany her. He enjoyed her company.

She looked closely at a large crystal structure and then smiled at Balthazar. “It is like a dream,” she said. “I am glad we decided to find this place.”

Balthazar looked around at the marvel around him. He looked into Kristella’s smile once more and felt an intoxicating feeling within himself. “You are beyond beauty itself.” His eyes grew wide as he realized he had actually said it.

Kristella blushed and giggled. “You are very kind and very handsome yourself.” she flashed her dreamy smile his way.

They held each other’s hand and huddled close together, closing their eyes and channeling the energies around within themselves. Balthazar could feel the barrier weakening, but it still remained. He could not feel frustrated while feeling the warm touch of Kristella’s soft skin.

The moment was suddenly broken by heavy footfalls that echoed from the cavern walls in the distance. They looked and could see large silhouettes of strange creatures a fair distance from where they stood. The grunts of the beasts echoed through the cavern. Fear gripped both of the children. The shapes of the creatures were much larger than they and worse, the beasts were headed toward the children.

 Alandis had finished meditating and smiled at the students along the field, hard at work to perfect their abilities. He had been meditating when Balthazar and Kristella had slipped away to find the crystal caverns. Otherwise his keen senses would have spotted them straight away. One could scarcely escape the notice of an Elf.

Alandis began to sense that something was wrong. He looked around the field with his analyzing eyes. He quickly noticed that Balthazar and Kristella were not among the other students. He knew they could not have returned to the academy without him noticing.

Alandis frantically surveyed the field using his senses to trace where they had gone. He found two trails side by side that had moved rather quickly and followed it. He reached the foot of the mountains and stared at the wide mountain path in front of him. He knew all too well where this particular path led. He worried that danger had found the two children.

Within the cavern the children were frozen in fear. The figures had gotten close. “What should we do?” Kristella whispered.

Balthazar looked around, but could see no place to hide. They could not run. The creatures would hear them instantly. He grew frustrated and was angered by the mere thought that these creatures might pose a threat to Kristella. As his anger grew, bright lights burned within the surrounding crystals.

The cavern was now lit and the children locked eyes with the beasts. Their skin was bald, but grey. They were very large and muscular. They wore ragged cloths that were ripped and stained. Their eyes were glazed and faded from living in darkness and their teeth were long and as sharp as thorns. Their teeth seemed rotten and black. They had small, pushed in noses like a pig’s and hands and feet much larger than a humans. They were the Goblins and there were ten of them staring at the children with hungry expressions. All of them carried long thick clubs.

“Get behind me!” Balthazar commanded. Kristella reluctantly obeyed. She was scared for both of them. Balthazar had no weapon and knew nothing of magic. He was prepared to protect Kristella at all costs, however. He stared at the beasts with threatening eyes.

One of the goblins charged at the children with its mouth open. It roared as it thundered toward them at full speed. Balthazar’s heart raced, but he charged forward struggling to focus his energy.

Once the Goblin reached Balthazar, it swung its club as hard as it could at his head. Balthazar dodged its strike. It repeated numerous times only to be dodged every time. Kristella stumbled to the ground, causing Balthazar’s attention to shift to her. As he looked at her, he felt the club connect with his head sending shocks of shrill pain across his skull. He flew through the cavern, hitting the rock wall hard.

The Goblin let out a thunderous laugh. It turned its attention to Kristella who was struggling to her feet. It began to approach her and as she saw the beast closing in, she released a high pitch scream.

“Get away from her, foul beast!” Balthazar snapped, feeling very dizzy. The beast reached out to grab her. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” Balthazar felt the barrier within him shatter. The crystals around the cavern shined with a blinding light. White lightning shot from the crystals, striking the threatening Goblin. It screeched in pain and fell to the ground motionless. Smoke rose from its fried body.

Balthazar dropped his head to the ground gasping for air. Kristella ran to his side and reached out to touch him. They both gasped as a bright light flashed between them and whirled around the children. For a moment their thoughts, feelings, and pains were shared. The light faded and Balthazar fell unconscious leaving Kristella in amazement and feeling quite different.

The other Goblins quickly retreated to deeper parts of the caverns in fear of the mysterious children. Alandis had arrived in just enough time to witness the power Balthazar had conjured and the mysterious light that had circled around Balthazar and Kristella. Balthazar was weak and unresponsive to any of her attempts to wake him. Alandis ran by his side and kneeled down to examine Balthazar’s bleeding and bruised forehead.

“Is he alright?” Kristella asked with great concern in her voice. She felt guilty for dragging Balthazar into such a dangerous place.

“His head is injured,” said Alandis. “We must get him back to the academy immediately so I can tend to the wound. Follow me closely and do not stray behind.” Alandis picked up Balthazar in his arms and carried him out of the caverns.

Balthazar regained consciousness, but felt weaker with each passing moment. He looked up to the skies as he was carried along the mountain trail and back across the field. He swore he could see a glowing silhouette hovering in the sky, but guessed his senses were boggled. He was relieved when he saw the academy closing in. His vision grew blurry as he was carried through the corridors.

He was set down in the middle of the four crystal pillars within the room they had studied magic. Alandis tended to the wounds on his head and back using mystic herbs and ancient Elven remedies. He felt strength returning to him slowly. He heard Kristella and Alandis speaking to each other.

“Going to the mines was very foolish,” Alandis said. “Goblins are vicious predators. You both are lucky to be alive.”

“I apologize, Master Alandis,” Kristella responded politely. “I’ve been wondering though. Will we learn to control lightning the way Balthazar did in the caverns?”

Alandis glanced off in the direction of the motionless prince “I cannot teach that ability. I am amazed that Balthazar was even able to create lightning from the crystals. I have not seen any who could manipulate lightning since the ancient times. That takes a vast amount of strength.”

Balthazar forced a smile. He could not help but feel overjoyed. He felt confidence within himself now. He had impressed even his instructor. His power had finally awakened and he could truly be counted as a mystic Adept.

Kristella then thought to the lights that circled around her and Balthazar. “What were those lights that seemed to almost connect the prince and me?” she asked quietly.

Alandis looked lost at the question. He had been wondering the same thing, but he did have a theory. He did not quite understand why this would occur if his theory was correct and he did not wish to fill Kristella’s mind with fear. “I believe your energies and fates have connected.”

Kristella’s eyes and mouth were open wide in shock at what she heard. “How is that possible?” she asked sharply, as disbelief shrouded her reason. “What could that even mean?”

Alandis sighed deeply and turned to her with a pained expression. “It means you two are meant to be close. That would be the bright side, but it also likely means that any danger posed to one affects the other. The same likely goes for death. His will to protect you has intrigued the Heavens, causing the Divine One to include you in his far reaching purpose by forging a powerful bond between your fates. Love holds a mighty key to the mystic hearts”

Balthazar was both troubled and happy by what he heard. He had growing feelings for Kristella and was overjoyed to know they would be close by fate, but he did not feel comfortable with the thought that any danger he faced would affect her as well. He knew he had to protect her and that made his mind fill with thoughts of the beautiful mystical girl he shared a bond with. He laid there and smiled until finally, all else faded and he entered a world of dreams.






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