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The Next Big Thing – Authors Tagging Authors!

The Next Big Thing – Authors Tagging Authors!

I am thrilled to take part in The Next Big Thing: Authors Tagging Authors! I was tagged by the fantastic Caron Rider and I’m excited to keep this going! So now I have to answer the questions below, tag a new set of 5 authors, then they answer, tag authors, etc. I’m answering questions about my Urban Fantasy novel, The Emerald Dragon, coming soon!


What is the working title of your book?
The Emerald Dragon, Book One of the Dragomeir Series

Where did the idea come from for the book?
It came from an incredibly vivid dream that I had.  I thought that it was time for not only books about dragons, but to explain that dragons are actually smarter than we are and interact at the human level.

What genre does your book fall under?
Urban Fantasy

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Main character – Tanis:  Viggo Mortenson
Queen Mother : Morena Baccarin
Demi – human form: Dakota Fanning
Basiliskos – human form: Ving Rhames
Invectum – human form:  Chris Hemsworth
Dragons – in dragon form: Themselves

And for the authors I have tagged:

Eden Baylee, Author of Spring Into Summer
Kay Glass, Author of Just One Bite
Michelle Muto, Author of Don’t Fear the Reaper
Alex Laybourne, Author of Highway To Hell
J.A.  Schneider, Author of Embryo

Many thanks to my friend and fellow Indie Author Caron Rider for tagging me! I hope you’ll keep it going…there are so many talented authors out there!

Taste Of Grief

Wow, I swear it was just yesterday that I wrote my last blog post! If only this Arizona Summer would pass as quickly as this last week! 🙂 Anyway, I just recently finished reading the third book in the Just One Bite Series, “Taste Of Grief”, and wanted to give a shout out to my friend and extremely talented indie author, Kay Glass!

Taste Of Grief by Kay Glass
TASTE OF GRIEF by Kay Glass (Just One Bite Series – Book #3)

Here’s the description:

Diandra and Lizbeth are back, and this time things are very different. Cocaine overdose victims are turning up in Bethany Beach and Lizbeth and Alexar are busy trying to clean it up. But when a surprising twist turns the case upside down, Lizbeth may have to compromise all she holds dear to make things right.

District Attorney Giles Carson has plans for Lizbeth, as well. He’s not done with her, and he’s not forgiven her for ruining his clandestine efforts. Now a death threat hangs over her head and Diandra won’t just stand aside and let someone come between her and the woman she loves.

The more things change, the more they stay the same- until they change again with just another bite.
Taste of Grief (Just one Bite, #3) by Kay Glass is the third installment in this series
and closes the original saga which incorporated Love Bite and Bitten By Regret. Each of the main characters are delved into more fully (I love really getting into the story’s primary people) and the plots and sub plots are finally exposed.

There’s a couple of spoilers so I won’t go into detail about the ending, but I will tell you this; This trilogy rocked! The books just kept getting better, and I can’t wait to see what Kay does next! If you’re into vampires, you’ve got to read “Just One Bite.”


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Author Spotlight – Kay Glass

Paranormal Romance Author - Kay Glass

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s visitor is one of my very good friends and I am extremely honored to have her here for Friday’s Author Spotlight! She is an incredibly genuine and supportive person that I am always pleased to work with.  Kay is a very talented writer with an engaging and emotionally intense vampire series – the “Just One Bite” Series! She just recently released the third installment, “Taste Of Grief”! I highly recommend adding Kay’s series to your TBR list!

So, without further ado, here is the interview with Kay!

Name three interesting facts about yourself.

1- I often have at least 3 books that I’m reading at one time. One for the bedroom, one for the living room, and at least one on my Kindle!

2- I’m married to my high school sweetheart- we’re approaching 6 years of marriage in November. We couldn’t wait to get married, so we actually got married at the courthouse on Black Friday!

3- I’m only 5’2″, so I have to sit on cushions piled on the chair to reach my desk to type!

What do you do when you are not writing? Any hobbies?

Definitely! Spending time with my family is top priority. We like to take the kids swimming, to the playground, on family bike rides, or just sit around and play dice games! When the kids go to sleep, my hubby and I either watch TV or play Xbox.

Favorite movie(s)?

Oh so many, especially in the horror genre, but my favorite of all times is What Dreams May Come! I also love 80’s movies- The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire… the list goes on!

Favorite music?

Almost anything! I write to music, so what I listen to depends on my mood that day. Usually a whole bunch of Evanescence, Godsmack, and especially Rattlesnake Charivari, an indie band I’m addicted to!

Is there anyone who has influenced/encouraged you to write? Who and how/why?

My friends were a huge support, and when I told my mom I was writing a book, she was very supportive, since writing was always a huge part of my life. And I probably would have given up before finishing Love Bite, my first, if not for fellow indie author, Aiden James. He believed I was a writer before I was willing to consider myself one, and answered every question, no matter how strange!

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

That’s almost like asking me to pick a favorite child! I simply can’t do it. I read nearly everything, from zombie stories to horror to romance to erotica. I read everything I can that my indie friends publish, but I also look forward to certain series, like the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

Can you give a brief synopsis of your journey to publication with your first piece of fiction?

With Love Bite, I started writing it long-hand. When I finally had a working laptop, it took me nearly a month to copy and edit what I’d already written so I could finish the story. I had over 70 pages written long-hand and it was a disaster! When I finally looked into publication, Aiden mentioned self-publishing, and I never looked back. I never even bothered submitting to agencies or publishing companies.

Did you listen to any particular music for inspiration while writing the “Just One Bite Series”?

Not so much for inspiration, but I do have a set playlist of songs I keep on shuffle while I write. Again, mainly Rattlesnake Charivari and Evanescence, but there’s also some country, some oldies, and even a few instrumentals.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I just write! Even in school, I’d write my paper first, then I’d go back and do my outline and brainstorming. I just can’t write an outline.

What inspired you to write a vampire series?

Paranormal stories were hugely popular, and I was reading a lot of the House of Night series, all of the Twilight Saga, and even rereading ‘Salem’s Lot. I don’t even remember what made me decide on the storyline, but it just came to me, and I sat down and started writing.

In your personal opinion, why do you think people are so fascinated with vampires?

There’s something so dark and fascinating about being immortal. And vampires are now being portrayed as young and sexy, so that heightens the appeal even more. “Wow, he’s gorgeous, and he’ll always look that good!”

Have you ever considered writing a book in first person with a male lead character?

Awesome question, as I haven’t even announced my intention to do so yet, but yes, I’m getting ready to. One of my characters from the Just One Bite series is getting his own background tale. So many people ask me about Eamon, so I decided to write his life story. The prologue is in third person, but the first chapter will pick up back in the 1700’s in Ireland when he was still human, and it’ll be written in first person.

Tell us a little about the third book in the Just One Bite Series, “Taste Of Grief”.

Taste of Grief picks up after a life-changing event that ended Bitten By Regret. Diandra and Lizbeth aren’t speaking, and the women need to do some serious talking to rebuild their damaged relationship. Adrian steps onto the scene as well as their new live-in housekeeper, and he’s also a Wiccan, which is disturbing to Diandra as she doesn’t understand the difference between black magic and white. Also, bodies are turning up all over Bethany Beach as Lizbeth and her boss, Alexar, race to stop the madman injecting his victims with a heart-stopping dose of cocaine. They’ll be bodies, blood, romance, adult content, and some character changes that’ll surprise those who enjoy the series!

If your series were to be made into a movie, who would play the lead roles?

Oh boy, that’s a tough one! Maybe Evan Rachel Wood for Diandra, Dakota Fanning for Lizbeth, and definitely Paul Walker as Eamon.

Can you tell us about your upcoming project/book?

Which one!? I’m actually writing Eamon’s Story right now, as well as the fourth book in the series, titled Bite of Envy. I’m also writing an erotic short story series under the pen name Kendra Glenn. My mood for the day dictates what I work on, and three entirely different projects keep my mind active and satisfied.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest criticism would have to be the reviewer who misunderstood an important scene in Love Bite and suggested that I was supporting domestic violence/ spousal abuse. That one stung, as I am a survivor of it myself. And the best compliment There have been so many, like when a certain indie author referred to me as a “sure bet!” That made my month, and still makes me smile.

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Never give up! If you think it’s not good enough, don’t destroy it! Set it aside, work on something else, and maybe you can come back to it and fall in love. Never give up, never stop writing, and always believe, if you’re writing, you’re already a writer!



Kay Glass

Kay Glass is the author of the Just One Bite series, the short stories Heaven Can Be Hell and Table of Blood, and the upcoming Strange Curses series. She also writes and publishes under the pen name Kendra Glenn. She lives in Delaware with her husband, their two children, and a variety of beloved pets. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading, swimming, and spending time with her family.


Kay Glass Blog Kay Glass Facebook Kay Glass Twitter


Love Bite, Bitten By Regret and Taste Of Grief by Kay Glass


Diandra Malone is only 28 years old when her life changes forever. Years of infertility left her depressed, but she’s finally pregnant. Before she has a chance to process the news, she finds out her husband has been brutally murdered.Lizbeth Snyder was a cop before she was framed for a crime she didn’t commit and kicked off the force. Living a desperate life on the streets, salvation comes from the oddest direction: the finding of Jonah Malone’s body.Now she’s living a wonderful life with Diandra and baby RaeLynn. The downside? Diandra is a vampire, and Lizbeth is being hunted by a very dangerous vampire- dangerous, and held in high esteem in the community. What will the future bring for these women, and how will Diandra handle her new vampire life? Find out how life changes with just one bite…




Four months can change so many things. Diandra has come to terms with being a vampire and what that means for her. Lizbeth has landed a new case, and it’s a nasty one: someone is selling tainted heroin on the Delaware streets, a potent mix that’s intended to kill. Jonah returns, seeking a favor from his former wife, and grudgingly from her new love as well. Is a favor all he wants, or is he seeking a way back to the life he had before? RaeLynn is older, growing more every day. This special baby has more tricks up her tiny sleeves!Lizbeth races the clock to stop the tainted drugs from killing anyone else, while Diandra deals with the regret she feels over the twists her life has taken with just one bite. 




Diandra and Lizbeth are back, and this time things are very different. Cocaine overdose victims are turning up in Bethany Beach and Lizbeth and Alexar are busy trying to clean it up. But when a surprising twist turns the case upside down, Lizbeth may have to compromise all she holds dear to make things right.District Attorney Giles Carson has plans for Lizbeth, as well. He’s not done with her, and he’s not forgiven her for ruining his clandestine efforts. Now a death threat hangs over her head and Diandra won’t just stand aside and let someone come between her and the woman she loves.The more things change, the more they stay the same- until they change again with just another bite.


Thank You Laura! My Blogger Award & 5 Star Review!

Hello everyone! I’ve been really sick this last week, and I have not been able to get much done where the social media is concerned. I am now finally feeling well enough to dive back into it all! The first on my agenda is to send a great big THANK YOU to Laura Thomas aka “fuonlyknew” for nominating me for “The Most Inspiring Blogger Award”!! I am very honored to have been nominated by such a wonderful friend and blogger!! This award is also my very first and I will display it proudly! Thank you again Laura!

Most Inspiring Blogger Award

I couldn’t resist putting my own twist on the award image! 🙂

I highly recommend visiting and following Laura’s blog! She always has something fun posted! —>


I believe the next step is to share 7 things about myself and to nominate 7 other inspiring bloggers, so here goes:

1. I have 2 grown kids (my son Dallas and my daughter Cirocco) and 4 granddaughters between the two of them.

2. My wife and I were in a rock n’ roll band called “Starchild” for nearly 15 years.

3. I am dyslexic and love to invert words and sing entire songs backwards for comedic relief.

4. I can’t feel heat in my hands after being given a tetanus shot when I was 12.

5. I worked as a Professional Commercial Photographer for over 20 years and have a Masters degree in Photography.

6. My two favorite breeds of cats are Manx and Siamese (specifically blue and lilac point). Over the course of 30 years I have owned at least 6 siamese cats named Dejah.

7. My favorite color is green, the only true color…of course. He he he


Now, in no particular order, I would like to nominate these 7 awesome bloggers!

Caron Rider

Alex Laybourne

Kay Glass

Nick Thacker

Eden Baylee

Tanja Segal

Belinda Witzenhausen


I was also incredibly honored to receive an amazing 5 star review of my Poetry book “Tapestry” from Laura Thomas! This review was very heartfelt and I am beyond pleased to hear that she enjoyed reading my poetry!

Tapestry by Solitaire Parke

Here is the link to her review of “Tapestry”

Be sure to visit her blog…she is currently holding a giveaway for a chance to win one paperback copy or one of five e-book copies of “Wormwood” by D.H. Nevins! Here is the link to go read her review of “Wormwood” and enter the contest:

Many, many thanks Laura! 🙂

5 Star Review of Tapestry

Tapestry by Solitaire Parke
I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Poetry book, “Tapestry”, had received a 5 star review today! The review was written by indie author, Kay Glass, and left me feeling utterly speechless! Poetry has always been a passion of mine, and with every word written, a piece of me, the author is forever imprinted. As subjective as poetry is, extreme criticism is a risk that every poet takes when they have decided to share their work with others. Kay’s incredibly touching review of “Tapestry”, was everything I had hoped a reader would feel when reading my poetry! I am blown away by her review and cannot possibly thank her enough!!

Here is the link to her review of “Tapestry”

Kay Glass has written the Paranormal/Romance Series, “Just One Bite” – with a total of three books, so far…“Love Bite”, “Bitten By Regret” and her newest, “Taste of Grief”, due to be released 7/16/12. She is currently holding a giveaway for a signed copy of “Love Bite”, so be sure to enter for your chance to win the first book in the series! I highly recommend that you check out the series and follow her blog for updates on what she’s working on next!

Many, many thanks Kay! 🙂

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