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Tanis vs. Ironman…So You Wanna Know Who Won, Huh?

So I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the outcome would’ve been between Tanis and Tony Stark aka Ironman. Well, I received word from Tanis just yesterday that he and Tony decided to go ahead and duke it out! I’ll let Tanis tell you all about it…

Tanis vs. Ironman

It seemed kinda silly to me, and Demi advised me not to do it…but there’s each man’s honor at stake here.  After reading the comments on Solitaire’s blog, Tony wasn’t too pleased to hear that so many thought the Emerald Warrior could take him. I must admit that I was honored and surprised to hear it myself.  So, when Tony suggested we lay this one to rest, I said yes to the challenge! The Emerald Warrior vs. Iron Man…has a nice ring to it, I think, and after talking with Tony about the proposed battle, he agreed too.  He was a bit more animated about it, but hey, that’s Tony, right?

                So, we interviewed a variety of different locations, all of which were away from civilization.  We didn’t want anyone to get hurt, except maybe each other, and Tony thought how apropos it would be for me to lose in my own desert.  Pretty nice of him really, and I don’t mind the home court advantage.

                We set up shop one hundred miles away from Mt. Drago, while Queen Mother and Pepper watched from a remote location with equipment that both Tony and I contributed toward their convenience.  Safer too.

                Walter and I never take first blood, and after having said that, Tony shot me with one of those energy bolts that emits from his hands.  So much for how this was going to get started.  He had to have known those things weren’t going to do much damage, if any.  Walter negated Tony’s electromagnetic shield and I fired our Disruptor.  It slammed into Iron Man’s stomach and flipped him end over end until he hit an outcropping.  His rocket boosters activated and he was up off the ground in a heartbeat.  Seems that his shield was a bit quicker than we thought.

                A moment later all I could see was a wall of flame as it engulfed my suit.  Well, it engulfed itself around my suit; you see my proactive transmutational shield deflects almost everything.  Things could take all day at this rate, so I unleashed the sonic resonator and collapsed the ground underneath him.  One second he was there, and the next… Walter fired a rocket to cave the newly formed hole in, and presto bingo, no more Iron Man and no more hole in the ground.

                A rumbling started pretty much where I was standing, and I had a bad feeling, so we went airborne to wait.  Sure enough, a few seconds later I could see the top of his red and gold helmet rising up from the cavern we’d sunk him into.  Just from his actions you could tell he was angry, not that I blamed him, but energy started waving off of him like invisible underwater currents.  They pummeled me backward, and before we could alter our weight, we went down and he was all over me like a cheap tuxedo.  Screens popped up inside my helmet telling me how much impact force was being exuded against me, and it was way more than I was comfortable with.  I tried to punch in return, but it’s hard to do when you’re on your back.  The faders that started off green and in the normal range, suddenly turned red telling me we were in trouble.

                Neither one of us could see the other’s face so I had no idea how much rage he was experiencing, but if the sounds coming from his helmet were any indication, then he was really pissed.  That was when the idea hit me.  I told Walter to make it look as if we had overheated, and vent all of the internal atmosphere.  The minute he did, Tony pulled back sensing his victory, and we chose that moment to reverse our electromagnetic polarity.  Walter fired a Disruptor immediately into the Arc Reactor on Tony’s chest and he flew backwards, hitting the ground hard.  He attempted to get up, but I could tell he was having more problems than he could overcome.

                I walked over to him and wrenched his helmet off, knowing that without that piece, he couldn’t talk to Jarvis.  Tony’s onboard computer co-pilot may only be a computer program, but it’s a damn good one, and I didn’t want it to come up with some hair brained method to damage me.

                A long story short…victory goes to me, Tanis…the Emerald Warrior.  Sorry to all the Iron Man fans out there, but this ain’t no movie, or as I recently saw on YouTube; Reality hits you hard bro! 😉

~ Tanis Theatra aka The Emerald Warrior

Tanis Vs. Ironman – Who Do You Think Would Win??

Hello again!  I have been having an enormous amount of fun with “The Emerald Dragon”.  The contests, giveaways and new characters that some of the readers conjured up for me.  It should have come as no surprise to me that comparisons would happen in regard to Tanis’ suit and the legendary Ironman.  So in the spirit of fair play, and even more fun than we’ve had so far, I have agreed to a match between the two behemoths to determine which warrior is the greater of the two.  That’s right, a battle of the titans of technology!  Green and Silver vs. Red and Gold.  Oh, don’t worry, no one’s going to get hurt, but we’ll finally know which is the greater of the two.

Tanis Vs. Ironman
So, here’s how it works…Examine the arsenal for Tanis (The Emerald Warrior) and Ironman; what do they bring to bear? You might even find that the two are not as similar as you think. Now let’s pit the two together in combat! Crank up the lists, set up the arena and may the best man win!

Tanis Theatra…The Emerald Warrior

His weapon system has also changed over the years, but the basics of Tanis’ arsenal are all based on Transmutational energy. The armor itself is powered by microscopic transmuters that control the plates comprising the Advanced Encounter Suit (A.E.S.). In the de-reticulated configuration, all the plates move into the disc that resides on Tanis’ chest. The onboard Artificial Intelligence, “Walter”, resides in the center of the disc and controls what the suit does when Tanis is too occupied to run in the manual mode. Each microscopic plate moves in a preprogrammed sequence until the suit hermetically seals. Because of this, the suit can withstand space or submergence in water. The environment inside the suit is also controlled by the Artificial Intelligence. His weapons are listed below:
Tony Stark…The Ironman

The weapons systems of the suit have evolved over the years, but Ironman’s suit has always been powered by an Arc Reactor (Uni-beam Projector) located in Tony’s chest. The onboard Artificial Intelligence, “Jarvis”, was initially what ran the internal systems of Stark’s home, but was later uploaded into his armor (or at least according to the 2008 movie). Jarvis also controls the Heads Up Display (H.U.D.). The suit utilizes hard rocket propellant to achieve flight and has an internalized air tight environment which can withstand space or submergence in water. His weapons are listed below:
  • Tipped darts (Causing unconsciousness for fifteen minutes) (Fired from the top of the gauntlets)
  • Repulsors (Fired from the top of the gauntlets) (Generates a controlled waveform and can be used as a shield)
  • Disruptors (Fired from the gloves)
  • Rockets (Fired from shoulder launchers)
  • Sonic Resonator (Fired from the chest)
  • Light Spectrum Enhancer (L.S.E.) (A strong burst of light)
  • Rocket Thrusters for flight (R.B.13) (Located in the gloves and boots)
  • Mobile Transmitter (Line of Sight Matter Transference)
  • Controlled Gravity (Up to 50,000 lbs. or down to negative gravity)
  • Repulsors (Hand Units used for propulsion and steering)
  • Kinetic Energy Beam
  • E.M.P (Electromagnetic Pulse) Generator
  • Ultra Freon (Freeze Beam)
  • Magnetic Field (Creates and controls)
  • Sonic Blaster
  • Holographic Generator (To Create Decoys)
  • Missile Launcher
  • Multi-Targeting Ballistic Weapon
  • Lasers (Fired from his chest)
  • Energy Field
  • Rocket Boost for flight

Now that you have examined each…Which has the better arsenal? Who would beat who? Who do you believe would win and why! I look forward to reading your comments! 🙂

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