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The Avengers – What Did You Think Of The Movie?!

The Avengers Movie

I went to see The Avengers over the Memorial weekend.  If they had charged twice what they did…it would still have been worth it!  The acting was intense and had most of my favorite actors.  The dialogue was witty, sarcastic and extremely well written.  Loki continues his role as the bad guy from the movie “Thor” and he is suitably rotten, arrogant and apparently impossible to kill.  The animation and CGI, especially for the Hulk was top notch.

There were almost too many one liners to pick a favorite, but Thor’s comment about his brother made me laugh out loud.
Black Widow says: Loki’s killed eighty people in two days.
Thor says: He was adopted.

Ironman is, well…Ironman – Does a Superhero get any better?!
The action was non stop and I plan to go see it again, and purchase it when the Blu-ray is available.
This was my favorite movie this year!

So, tell me…What was your favorite line or scene from The Avengers? 🙂

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