The Emerald Dragon


In Book Five,Tanis, an ancient warrior, is called by Demios, the first emerald dragon to be born in a thousand years. He learns to be a dragon rider and to live at Mt. Drago, where he meets unusual and evil creatures from other worlds. Led by the Dragon Queen, he and the other riders must retrieve a crystal key that was taken by the Dark Lords of the Provinces in order to protect the dragons and Mt. Drago.


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  1. Brian Hickey

    Phenomenol!!!! I am reading it and am experiencing every nuance and detail. More please. 🙂 The world that the writer creates is just a fissure on this side of our reality. Like it is just so close to obtain. Bravo!


  2. An emotional roller coaster and journey! The imagery in the book is spectacular – bringing the characters and locations to life. Brace yourself – you won’t be able to put this one down! Have already purchased and started reading Flight of the Aguiva!


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